Business Law

Business Law

The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc. is dedicated to supporting our community’s start-ups and established businesses alike. In our modern world, technology brings new and unique challenges to businesses and we understand the challenges that business clients face. We offer a wide variety of services to our business clients that include: business formation, contracts, negotiation, to litigation. We even offer monthly retention services for ongoing legal needs and annual legal check-ups to track and assist in managing business risks and liabilities.

Business Formation

Choosing the ideal entity is important in determining your control of the entity, your sources of financing, and minimizing your tax and personal liability. For your business, The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc. can guide you in choosing the right type of entity for your venture based on your individual circumstances, and will advise you in the governance of that entity, including:

• Sole Proprietorships
• General Partnerships
• Limited Partnerships
• Limited Liability Partnerships
• Limited Liability Companies
• S Corporations
• C Corporations

Business Governance

The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc. can also prepare, review and/or amend the related corporate documents including:

• Certificates of Formation
• Articles of incorporation
• Bylaws
• Resolutions
• Partnership Agreements
• Operating Agreements

Managing Business Relationships

A proper contract is the cornerstone of all of your business relationships, be it with your partners, contractors, executives, investors, clients or vendors. It will define each party’s expectations, the payments required, your remedies in the event of default, the limits to your liability, and other important clauses. We have experience preparing, reviewing and negotiating a broad range of contracts for a wide variety of entities.
For your business, we can prepare, review and negotiate your commercial instruments and contracts, including:

• Commercial Leases
• Disclaimers
• Warranties
• Licensing Agreements
• Service Agreements
• Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreements
• Employment Agreements
• Independent Contractor Agreements
• Partnership/Operating/Company Agreements
• Dissolution
• Business Sale Agreements and Related Documentation
• Artist performance and management
• Website and technology related legal services, such as terms of service and privacy policies for websites and mobile applications.
• And many others

We are also prepared to represent you in the event of a breach of these or other agreements.

Business Litigation

Has one of your business/employee relationship eroded beyond repair? Is litigation the next best step? But before unleashing the beast on those who have done you wrong, The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc. will explore the possibility of a cost-effective resolution to your dispute, including demand letters, informal settlement conferences and mediations. If this fails, we will weigh the costs vs. the benefits and/or risks of litigation with you to help you decide if a lawsuit is the best course of action for your business. If so, we will pursue your claim or defend you aggressively and thoroughly. We can help with lawsuits involving:

• Breach of contract
• Piercing the corporate veil
• Breaches of fiduciary duty
• Fraud
• Violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act
• Conversion
• Unjust enrichment
• An accounting
• Injunctions
• Declaratory judgment
• Torts
• Infringement