Estate Planning

Many people believe they do not have an estate worth protecting or they do not want to think about problems that will occur if they are incapacitated. Almost everyone should complete some type of estate planning no matter the size of your estate. The benefits of having a valid legal estate planning documents prepared in advance of need are incalculable. Protect your family by visiting Pflugerville, TX, The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc., and get peace of mind knowing that your family and estate holdings will be taken care of, even if you are no longer able to do that job.

The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc.

Estate planning is designed to help people preserve and protect their assets and property. This protection may be needed prior to death as well, if you are temporarily or permanently unable to manage your own estate affairs. With a valid will or trust in place, you avoid challenges and a lengthy and expensive experience in Probate Court. With Medical Care Directives, you maintain control over your care and your estate when you are incapacitated. Many people delay obtaining estate planning or a will because they aren’t sure what they need or they are confused by all the technical terms. At The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc. we provided detailed, customized,consultations to take the guess work out of estate planning and help prospective clients understand the process and have confidence in their choices.

Attorney Laura Roth

Caring for clients by providing individualized and custom legal services is the primary goal of attorney Laura Roth. She provides comprehensive estate planning services to clients from Williamson and Travis County, Texas.

Popular client estate plans include some or all of these most popular legal documents:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate Administration
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Health Care Directives
  • Enhanced Life Estate Deeds

We offer an quality Estate Planning Packages and will discuss alternatives to wills if applicable to your case.

Williamson County Estate Planning Attorney

In her work as a Williamson County Estate Planning Attorney, Laura Roth has seen how having estate planning documents prepared in advance of need provides peace of mind and benefits to families. Likewise, she has seen the devastating effect of when people do not complete these simple documents that could have easily prevented unnecessary cost, time, and stress. With estate plans, you make sure that your wishes for the care and disposition of your estate are respected.

Travis County Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is an essential need for persons of high net worth. You can control who inherits your estate, your business and other property by having experienced Travis County Estate Planning Attorney Laura Roth draft up your legal documents as part of an estate planning package. If you are unable to manage your estate due to temporary or permanent incapacity, you maintain control over your estate by appointing an administrator of your choice, rather than leaving your fate in the hands of a Probate Judge and strangers who administer the estate and distribute assets and property to heirs.

Get started today with your estate planning. Contact The Law Office of Laura Roth, Inc., Pflugerville, TX, to create valid plans for the future for your estate. Call now, at (512) 693-7684.